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Re: Advice please! Adopted dog is aggressive toward kids

We did have one of those dogs (9 month Border Collie) that was a bit off. She was sick for the first week we had her (more than likely Parvo) and even had a good temperament for about a month afterwards. Then when she finally felt better she was food aggressive, growling at DS and other similar behaviors. We tried to keep them apart, always have an eye on them if they were together, tried to correct the food aggression (only happened when DS was around), tried to correct the growling at DS. But nothing worked. And then DS went outside to play with a ball one day (his not hers) and she went out the dog door and attacked him. She bit his thumb. I took him to the ER and told them what happened. They said the dog needs to get out of your house immediately.

So we re-homed her to a house with no kids. She was aggressive to the other dogs but the big one (90lbs) would just sit on her if she tried to be alpha. Then she ended up in their parents home. I don't know what happened to her after that.

I did find out that 3-4% of Border Collie's are insane because of inbreeding. We did figure out that the previous owners probably had a kid torture her. I think it was the combination of the two is what caused her insanity.

So I guess what I am saying is it could be the actual dog and could be what happened to her before you got her.

We currently have a dog who is scared out of her head about EVERYTHING. She was even too scared t go on walks. Then we took her across country and she got even more scared. Her "acting out" behaviors are barking incessantly at anyone who knocks/rings doorbell. She tries to be alpha around other dogs, it is funny when they put her in her actual place of below the omega. And she is so smart and stubborn she is stupid. Oh she frustrates me so much but we have had her for 7 years now and I would never give her up.
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