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So upset- Croup and Asthma

My 4 1/2 yo has asthma and was diagnosed with croup Thursday. She's now getting worse. I told the doctor we saw that she needed prednisone. We went at the first sign of illness. We are on day 3 now and she is getting worse.

I called the on call doc and we have to do albuterol treatments every two hours 3 times and then back off to 4 hours. If she gets short of breath within an hour of treatment, we then have to go in.

I KNEW she needed prednisone to get us through this. I KNEW she had to be wheezing even though the other doc couldn't hear it. She is just like me. I've already been through this with both of us. The doctor I spoke with today is the best in the practice. He often calls just to check on my daughter if we have seen him for illness. Please pray for us. We just did a treatment and she's already starting to cough.
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