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Huge size large gdiaper destash, Everything u need for gdiapers

Large gdiaper destash, everything u need to start gdiapering. My son is 2 and starting potty training and I don't think we r going to have more. I could really use the money soon so please feel free to make a reasonable offer. I would like to get around $300 being as I paid well over that for all of this. Please pm me if interested.

8 large g diapers
1 medium g diaper*(future artist one)
1 large bum genius all in one
2 hemp liners (great for going under gliner for overnights, not meant to go directly against baby's skin)
8 cloth gliners*
14 homemade terry cloth liners
12 snap in gliners*(some are really worn and some are practically new)
1 opened box of gcloth liners
1 unopened and 1 opened package of gdiaper biodegradable inserts
1 opened about half full package of flat fold Birdseye cloth diapers*
1 homemade large wet bag*

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