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Re: Marco?

Originally Posted by chach4 View Post
My lady bits are still sore too. I'm 4 weeks postpartum. Thought it would heal up faster but I guess I bruised pretty bad doc said.
Just driving home from our second road trip as a family of four. Went to my sisters wedding. Which was a LOt of work since I was in it. Breastfeeding AND being in ceremony, pictures(which took ENTIRELY too long), then dinner and dancing obligations.. was a challenge. . But we made it.
Was super weird tho being in my strapless fancy dress around everyone and having let down. So weird. Happened a few times. Glad its over though and it was a success. Was laying in bed this am and really looking forward to going home and chilling with my babies. Yay. Only about an hour and a half left in the road trip and then will be able to do so.

I was in a wedding 2.5 months postpartum with my first. That was hard enough, I can't imagine doing it less than a month postpartum. That is impressive. I also bruise badly and with number 2, was in shock at how long it took to feel better down there. Others have suggested soaking every day with Dreft and drinking a cup (or more) of ginger tea daily. I have been feeling better this time, so it seems to help.

I think someone should make a list of all the babies and birth days, so we can compare to the due date list . . . If I get time, I might attempt it.
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