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The trainer called today and we had a nice long talk. She thinks Tess is just nervous, not aggressive. She told us some things the kids can do with her and explained how to correct her at the first sign of nervousness and to then distract her with something she likes. And she explained some ways we can show her who's alpha.

Today she's been great. She has been fine around the kids. She's a little stiff when they go to pet her, but has been tail wagging and upbeat for the most part.

The trainer said dogs don't like to be patted, which I had no idea. That's what DD was doing when she snapped at her. So, I've instructed the kids to only pet her gently on her head and behind her ears for now.

The trainer said, being that she's still a puppy, has not bit, and that she's probably just nervous, that we should be able to correct the undesirable behavior.

So, I definitely want to give her a chance. It's easy to keep a close watch with the kids since they're in school most of the day. My main concern though, is, if she does get better, will she snap one day when it's not expected. I don't want to always wonder if she's gonna snap out of nowhere.

I really appreciate all of the help
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