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Re: Balancing your needs with the needs of an intense baby

I will also post to say that I know I am maybe being overly concerned about leaving him with others.......or not? I can't decide. I am very concerned with creating a healthy attachment in our relationship. I did not have that as a child and am very aware of how that may limit my understanding of what a healthy mother/infant bond should look like and how to achieve it. I am always torn because I also know that taking those fears to the extreme is going to leave him with no independence or confidence.

I'm a social worker, I have spent the last 7 years working with children and families who have experienced trauma and neglect. I have worked with countless children and parents on improving their relationships and have done that work through my own relationships with kids. I just don't have any idea what I am doing with a baby, forget about knowing what to do with a baby whose needs are this intense.
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