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Re: Farmin/Homesteading weekly chat September 16th-22nd

I'm making my apples into crockpot apple butter. I just don't have time to deal with saucing them. And I hurt my wrist 6wks ago and its not better yet. Twisting things hurts it.

frost hit hit this week and further North snow fell last night. A bad wind storm on Wed caused our pear tree become severed from the roots. Last year someone got too close to it with the lawn mower and caused damage to the trunk. We had only planted it 8 years ago and never once got a pear off of it. 3 years ago we planted another pear to cross pollinate it, it died above the graft.

My freezer is filled to the brim and I still need to dice this years celery and put it into the freezer.

We also need to gather firewood and get rid of the last of our chicken feed and chickens (3 old laying hens). We lost one chicken to a hawk early this month.
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