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Re: Balancing your needs with the needs of an intense baby

This is the same as my first baby! Mama, I could have written this! Even the part about the daddy. Only my hubs would just say that he wants mama, and would get super frustrated that I was leaving a cranky kid with him. He always said that he didnt have the tools, ie boobs and the smell of mama to calm the kid. So I didnt get the breaks I needed because then I would have a super cranky kid and a bear of a husband to deal with after! The kid is now almost 3. He prefers mom for anything. I put him to bed. I have to do most everythign for him. He is still high needs. But we speak eachothers language now. That totally helps. I started signing to him at 10 months, and it started helping. Thats when things started getting better for us.

I also read Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child, around 10 months, and wished I had read it sooner. He still is not a great sleeper and needs tremendous help getting to sleep, but I loved the routine in this book. It also talks alot about temerperments and how children respond to things.
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