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NIP Alva mf and bamboo. Picture Update.

I want to clear out the Alvas I have (I've been selling them at my store, but have decided to stop selling them).

(ETA) Since I am trying to clear these out and make space, I prefer to sell in lots of 2-3.

Note: These are going quickly. Please refer to picture captions to see what is left. Updated today 10/01/12. Picture updated to take out what has been sold.

Alva solids/prints: $5ppd
Alva Bamboo: $8ppd
(Solids are all gone. Yea!! )

MF (comes with 1 insert) for $5: 2 Precious Pink

These are the bamboo diapers for $8:
2 Blue/Green Dots, 3 Green Flower, 2 Yellow Flower

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