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Re: For the momas with buildup/stink/ammonia/new 2 CD momas/or washing trouble.

I just stripped them with the tub method (dawn, calgon and super HOT water) Rinsed the mess out of em and tossed them in the washed and they are drying as I type. I think the issue that started it was not using enough detergent so I upped the detergent and switched from cold rinses to warm rinses. I am hoping that this does it. I have half of a HUGE bottle of all f & c so I'm hoping that works for the diapers. If not then I'll try the arm and hammer stuff next. With the kids n pets should I spray the diapers every time? That's the next thing I'm gonna get to try. I just hate buying sposies when I have a stash to use kwim? Hope this gets rid of that darn ammonia!
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