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Re: School lunches and an unhappy kid!

Originally Posted by megenic View Post
DD started kindergarten 2 weeks ago. If I do say so myself, I am a pretty awesome lunch maker. I send lots of variety, fruit, veggies, cheese, milk. I ask DD what she wants every night and pack it. Now she's coming home sad because the other kids "all" have this pre packaged crap - bear paws, rice krispie bars, chocolate granola bars, etc. She wants to know why she can't have that too. Now I am not against treats and am by no means totally anti sugar. However, I don't buy that stuff and when we do have treats I try to make them healthy and we don't have them all the time. We're not allowed to send homemade things go school. It just irks me because the school has this whole thing about emohasizing healthy lunches, but I guess some parents didn't get the memo :-( and it makes me sad for DD even though she likes healthy food and knows why it's important.

Has anyone else ever dealt with this? What do you tell kids?
To the bolded .. that doesn't make sense! We couldn't send homemade things to SHARE ... but could certainly pack a homemade treats for our own children's lunch. I mean if this is the case are you not allowed to pack a snadwich cause that isn't store bought either. If packaged Rice krispies are ok I'd just make some and send them anyway even tiny tiny size as a sometimes treat. If they have issues with that then I think you have a very good case to fight because it is allowed in a package.
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