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Re: Grovia Vs Flip Trainers

I have a bunch of the Flip trainers but didn't like the Gro via ones. They also started coming apart with in 2 weeks & were too small for ds. They are quite narrow & weren't wide enough to even cover both butt cheeks. LOL It was kind of funny to see but if you moved it to cover 1 butt cheek, 90% of the other was hanging out. I bought a few of both of these last Nov/Dec when they both came out & then went back & bought a bunch more of the Flips.

The sizing is different on both trainers. The Flips fit 30-50 lbs but the Grovia's only fit up to about 30-35 lbs, even with the plus size side panels. If you have a big toddler, skip the Grovia's but if you have a petite toddler, the Flips may be on the big side or even too big if your son is under 25 lbs.

I like with the Flips that I can easily double up on the inserts (I do this most of the time) and then they easily hold enough for nights & naps. I wrap a cotton babies stay dry liner around the top insert to make it all stay dry. This is one of my favorite combo's for ds & that's what he always wears when we go out since it holds a lot but is trim enough to fit under any clothing he has on.

I also really love the Flip trainer inserts in general. They are that great organic cotton & are so trim & absorbent. I add the inserts in with all kinds of diapers to give them a boost. I have extras to use aside from with the Flip trainers. My other favorite combo are IKEA flats with a Flip trainer insert folded in to make it hold more but with out adding bulk.
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