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Re: does making soap cost more then buying?

Cheaper then wally world's cheap stuff? not a chance (if you can prove me wrong please do! I'd love to be able to do it!)

When I sat down and calculated everything, materials needed besides ingredients (yes you'll have a big spend down at first but you will not be buying materials every time) it came out to 1/2 of that WAHM's are charging. Which makes sense seeing that the rule of thumb in running your own business is to AT LEST double the cost of materials to formulate a cost. BUT you also have to figure trial and errors for yourself too. Some recipes may not be what you are looking for, you might do it wrong, practice makes perfect, etc.
ATM, for us, I'm better off just buying through coops. Maybe once we get our tax return I'll invest in the whole shabang and run with it. But we'll see...I have other things that might take precedence...
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