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Re: What are some good active indoor sensory toys

I was going to say Rody as well. He is great for my son. I highly recommend him. My son benefits from the sensory outlet with Rody but also the taking turns since we call hop around on Rody (the weight limit is 250 I believe).

Pom-poms in a dish washing tub with measuring cups to scoop, we are always looking for non-food items. We have a vibrating bee toy that ds loves. We got it here (this whole site has a lot of awesome sensory options & free shipping)

Age depending a Tangle is great (this would probably be for ages 3-4 and up, my big girls love these & they are great stress reducers for school aged children)

And I find a lot of great squeezy balls with all kinds of textures at the dollar store or Five Below.

And another great option for school aged children is the Desk Buddy

I have 2 children out of 4 with sensory disorders & they are both the opposite.
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