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Re: Grovia Vs Flip Trainers

Originally Posted by ssand23 View Post
I have a bunch of the Flip trainers but didn't like the Gro via ones. They also started coming apart with in 2 weeks & were too small for ds. They are quite narrow & weren't wide enough to even cover both butt cheeks. LOL It was kind of funny to see but if you moved it to cover 1 butt cheek, 90% of the other was hanging out. I bought a few of both of these last Nov/Dec when they both came out & then went back & bought a bunch more of the Flips.

The sizing is different on both trainers. The Flips fit 30-50 lbs but the Grovia's only fit up to about 30-35 lbs, even with the plus size side panels. If you have a big toddler, skip the Grovia's but if you have a petite toddler, the Flips may be on the big side or even too big if your son is under 25 lbs.

I like with the Flips that I can easily double up on the inserts (I do this most of the time) and then they easily hold enough for nights & naps. I wrap a cotton babies stay dry liner around the top insert to make it all stay dry. This is one of my favorite combo's for ds & that's what he always wears when we go out since it holds a lot but is trim enough to fit under any clothing he has on.

I also really love the Flip trainer inserts in general. They are that great organic cotton & are so trim & absorbent. I add the inserts in with all kinds of diapers to give them a boost. I have extras to use aside from with the Flip trainers. My other favorite combo are IKEA flats with a Flip trainer insert folded in to make it hold more but with out adding bulk.
I will never understand why you spend so much time bashing the GroVia trainer for not fitting ... doesn't your son have an especially difficult shape to fit? I just think your posts on this topic can be very misleading, no it didnt fit for you but my understanding from other threads is that very little does, and these make it very clear that the sizing starts at 1T/20 pounds, and I can assure that they do fit a 20 pound baby, because they fit my 15 month old well right now!

OP- my DD was 28 pounds and 35 inches tall when we potty trained, a few months shy of age 3. The Flip trainer literally fell off of her because it was too loose, even at the tightest setting on the waist. She did not like them, and would strip whenever I put them on her because the insert shifted around on the inside and the exposed PUL irritated her.

GroVia fit her well, and I liked that it is not cut like a diaper, because I didn't want her in one! We used them unstuffed during the day with the regular side panels, and for nights when I added something to the pocket we needed the plus size panels. She's nearly 4 and over 30 pounds now, and even though we have only used them 3 times in the past several months, they still fit her just fine with the plus panels.
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