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Re: This growing up thing is hard

I kind of understand what you feel OP. My story is silly compared to yours but I mention it because I couldn't believe how instinctively I just wanted to jump in and save the day!
My 3yo started "tot time" at our local rec center for 4 hours, 3x a week.

In the mornings there is a 1/2 hour "parent participation" which basically means moms and dads stand around watching the kids play, getting to know one another and so on. One morning, the teacher had an organized game going and she used a bell for it. My daughter walked up as she would with me and asked: Can I please? The teacher tugged it abruptly under her arm and said curtly: No, definitely not.

My heart broke for my daughter. I held my breath and had to stop myself from running to her and trying to explain why the teacher means she couldn't have it... etc. Just to notice my daughter not even thinking about it twice and just moving on to the next thing.

If I could feel like that over something so small, I can't imagine how I'd feel if she told me other children were mean to her.
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