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Re: Advice please! Adopted dog is aggressive toward kids

Originally Posted by somo_chickenlady View Post
From your description, she is just acting out of fear rather than aggression. She is scared to death, and she is sharing that the only way she knows how.

I also would not tolerate her growling. Pack members are never allowed to growl at those higher than them in the pack order. She shouldn't be allowed to growl at her alphas, and you AND the children should be above her. You need to correct her when she growls, until she realizes that she isn't alpha in that pack. In her foster home with 19 other dogs, she was probably above some in the pack and this is how she treated them when they did something she didn't like. She needs to be retrained to be at the bottom of the pack, rather than the middle. This is why she does this to the kids, but not to you.

I do find it surprising that the trainer told you that dogs don't like hard pats. I do that to every dog I have ever owned as well as my parents' dog and my inlaws' dog, and they all seem to love it, even my timid, scared of everything including his own shadow, 5lb dog. *shrug*
I don't mean to come across as mean but this is very, very dangerous advice. Dominance theory was debunked quite some time ago and using it on a fearful dog WILL get you bitten.

Dogs growl as a warning to a bite. DON'T take away that warning by shutting the dog down. Please! PLEASE don't use Cesar Milan nonsense. I beg you.

Give her space and time. She will come round.
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