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Re: Advice please! Adopted dog is aggressive toward kids

Originally Posted by Puppydog View Post
I don't mean to come across as mean but this is very, very dangerous advice. Dominance theory was debunked quite some time ago and using it on a fearful dog WILL get you bitten.

Dogs growl as a warning to a bite. DON'T take away that warning by shutting the dog down. Please! PLEASE don't use Cesar Milan nonsense. I beg you.

Give her space and time. She will come round.
I don't recall telling her to beat the dog into submission. A simple no is sufficient enough to stop growling. I have a timid dog at the moment, and have in the past also. I tell them no, and they stop. Simple as that. Telling a timid dog no isn't going to make the dog turn around and lung at you to bite you.
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