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Re: For the momas with buildup/stink/ammonia/new 2 CD momas/or washing trouble.

Originally Posted by mommy2colin View Post
I just stripped them with the tub method (dawn, calgon and super HOT water) Rinsed the mess out of em and tossed them in the washed and they are drying as I type. I think the issue that started it was not using enough detergent so I upped the detergent and switched from cold rinses to warm rinses. I am hoping that this does it. I have half of a HUGE bottle of all f & c so I'm hoping that works for the diapers. If not then I'll try the arm and hammer stuff next. With the kids n pets should I spray the diapers every time? That's the next thing I'm gonna get to try. I just hate buying sposies when I have a stash to use kwim? Hope this gets rid of that darn ammonia!
Well, that's kinda hard to know the correct directions with it. It's mainly a spot on enzyme cleaner for carpets with urine and bm stains. Here's what I do when I use it. I use it after week long camp trips and such. I do a hot quickwash (our water heater is cranked to 145), I do a hot sanitary cycle with detergent and aprox 1/4 the bottle, then the bleach despinses and my machine does an extra hot rinse. Then I put in the dryer for at least 60 min with high heat (our dryer is new so no old dryer overheating). Done. I have had some seriously rank loads after trips. Never a prob with that routine. Now with your situation, you may wanna try more? Just use it as a once a month treatment? Wour it into your scedual, kwin. For the first time though, I'd go with more. Can you open your lid to let them soak too? LMG see if it has laundry directions. ............Ok, use on the spot for stains, for the machine as a booster, use one full cup. You may need more than that in a tl'er. Totally up to you. It's just an enzyme treater, like that funk rock stuff I think is the name. The problem with hard water is this: you can use something like lest say calgon. It will prevent hard water minerals from depositing, but it can't remove it. Hopefully that's not the root cause. I know I wouldn't have made it washing in hard water for as long as I did withour borax or calgon. I never could get a good routine untill I started useing it. All kinds of diaper wash trends back then too. All kinds of special instructions. I tossed it out the window and figured out it was like washing super nasty whites. Hope the lo's bums are feeling better! I'm praying this works for you. It breaks by heart to see this kind of situation. Big hun for sticking with it and trying your best to figure it all out.
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