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Re: Balancing your needs with the needs of an intense baby

It sounds like some of these babies mellow out earlier than some.........I guess all I really need to look forward to is some personal space on occasion. My nephew was like my ds and it took him until he was almost 10 years (he will be 11 in a couple weeks) to mellow a little. He has some different sensory needs and it has taken a very long time to fuly identify those and for him to be old enough to recognize and respond to those needs without adult intervention. So I was prepared for that, but it's nice to hear it could be sooner.

I think part of the trouble maybe is dh doesn't spend much time with him other than the evening, which is when ds is the grumpiest and I'm trying to make dinner clean up etc and can't think when he's crying so I usually 'rescue' them. Bad habit. Dh works less in the winter, he just takes less business then due to the weather slowing him down, so I'm hoping when he can be home with him more he will observe successful techniques and have time to find his own as well.

Dh (well we can just call him that it's easier ) and I talked again last night after 45 min of ds screaming in the car when we got stuck in traffic. Which then made the rest of ds's afternoon and evening absolutely miserable. I have been going to a post natal yoga class, and ds comes with me. They have extra people to hold unhappy babies and ds is usually held as long as there is no one else sounding off, but in fuller classes that means I usually miss out on a lot of the practice. Dh is going to take ds to some antique car show () while I go to yoga alone. I hope it helps for at least a few days for me to have had that time.

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
It's one thing to leave a 4.5 month old baby crying in a room by themselves.

It's a completely other thing to leave them crying in the arms of someone who loves them. They will survive that. They will not be traumatized. Atleast with daddy.. auntie who loves them might not work as well or might work better!

As someone who has had to swaddle and hold a screaming, crying infant, baby, toddler... even momma sometimes can't calm them down and all you can do is hold them. Think of babies with colic - they scream for hours in the arms of the people who love them and they turn out fine (DH was a colic baby and is quite cuddly and well adjusted).

and you don't sound lame. You sound concerned. Which is the hallmark of a parent who is trying to be a good parent.
This. I know this is true. Thank you for reminding.

I will check out other recommended books for sleep. I have started to read the healthy sleep habits book but I always fall asleep before I get very far

Thank you all wonderful mamas for your suggestions and understanding
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