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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of September 17th

Hi girls! Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth but I had a really hard time after my chemical in June and pretty much ignored all things fertility related for the summer.

That said we did another fresh IVF (#10) August/September and well so far so good-17dpr and definitely pregnant. (which means I'm already past the date I lost the pregnancy in June). Obviously I'm scared as can be and refusing to even let my mind go to a live take home baby. The day I tested BFP was the day I was due with my February loss so that makes me hope the lost baby is somehow watching over this one.

I'm sad to see so many are still struggling and very sad to see we had some more losses :-(

Jennifer what did your beta say? ((((Hugs))) I'm guessing no good news or you would have posted.

Mel-Congrats! How many dpo are you? Sounds like we might be due really close to each other.

Rebecca can you put me to pregnant and praying to make it please?
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