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I will probably get flamed but for my kids I don't have any needs the first say 2 years of their lives. They don't do sleepovers, babysat, etc. babies under 1 are always with me except for shower or bathroom. I also believe a strong attachment is important and no I am not sheltering my kids in anyway. We are out everyday visiting people, going to the park, etc. my older daughter is now almost 3 and the most independent and happy child and was an extreme hi needs baby, she was constantly nursing, never had a bottle, binky or any other comfort items. We slept together and sometimes it was exhausting but it was my choice to bring babies into the world and IMO they don't understand why mom is not around to take care of them. For me the only source of my older daughters discontent was being put down alone so I just stayed with her. Lots of baby wearing, floortime, and just having her with the group. We took naps on me until she was about 18 months, thank god she was my first!
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