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Originally Posted by MyLovely
How is she with you and your DH? Poor girl probably isn't used to much attention. Not to mention, her whole life has been shaken up. She went from being with 19 other dogs and no people, to a house of people and no dogs. After the kiddos go to bed, why don't you and DH devote some attention to her? See if she'll snuggle, pet her, give her a treat, just spend some time giving her attention. It'll be a lot less stressful to her to have two calm adults giving her attention than kids, you know? It sounds like she really just needs to establish trust, and what better place to start than the two leaders of her pack?
She's great with me and DH. I spend as much time as I can with her and the kids go to school, so most of the time it's very quiet with just me, Tess, and my 8mo DD. The kids don't give her a lot of attention. They don't even pet her unless I tell them to do so. When I see that Tess is comfortable I tell them to pet her head and then they go about their business. We have them feed her and give her treats.

Is been another good morning. Relaxed, tail wagging, approaching the kids playfully.

Originally Posted by an_aurora

Teaching them not to growl is dangerous. A growl is a warning. It's not going to turn them into a super happy friendly dog; it's going to turn them into a dog that bites with no warning growl.
I read about this, so I have not been correcting the dog, just telling the kids to back off if she growls. But the trainer told me to correct her, as in, let her know that she shouldn't feel nervous. She said to snap at her, like say "Hey!", then distract her with something she likes. I'm not sure if that's different from just telling the dog "No" when she growls. The trainer said the point is to show her that she doesn't need to feel that way, to correct her feelings, not the growling.
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