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Originally Posted by ssand23
It sounds like the dr ignored you? Some people have asthma & never wheeze (like me and all my kids), waiting on wheezing for meds isn't a good idea for some.

I just keep extra meds in the house so we're ready when something comes up. We have a crazy stash for the winter but we are prepared since I know this time of year gets bad. But I know there are plenty times when we're not stocked up & someone gets sick. Isn't that usually the way? I hope your daughter is better soon & with out needing the ER or hospital.
Apparently, this doctor has done other people this way. It's not our normal doc-just the on call ones. I think I'll be asking for a referral to a specialist. Both my kids are pitiful. I worry so much about my oldest though. I have been there so many times myself.
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