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Re: Raw cows milk

We love our raw dairy here too! We also own a cow share, our milk works out to a little less than $7/gallon, which is FABULOUS pricing for raw dairy in our area where it can range from there on up to $20/GALLON!!!!!!!!! Plus our farmer is amazing and enjoys my cooking, she is 'old fashioned decent' as she puts it, and she love to barter for milk as well so I can reduce our monthly milk costs when I have time to do large batch cookin' It's amazing stuff!!! Just a small example... my oldest went from 1 cup of milk a day consumption to THREE and when we do go out to eat, if we order milk, she won't drink it saying "It tastes watery mama". We will never go back! Once we read about the truths of commercial milking. Plus I love that I get to pet my cows and get to know my farmer, local eating is really amazing.

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