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I love all the names

I'm hoping for a boy, so I'm not even thinking of girls names. My rules are that it has to be common enough that people know how to spell it, but not too common; it has to be able to be shortened into a nickname, preferably with "ie" or "y"; and it has to be gender specific, i.e. you know what gender the person is when you hear the name.

I haven't given it much thought, but we like Benjamin, but then his initials would be BM and all I think of is bowel movement I'm also not fond of Benny or Benji for nicknames, though I could get used to Benny.

I like Kary, but it could be mistaken for a girl name. But I have a bil Gary and a bil Larry and DH's name starts with K.

I need to look at the top 100 list and pick some more.
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