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How do they compare to Bumgenius and Flip? I live in Portland, or - right near the Cotton Babies - and so BGs and Flips were the first and only thing I've used so far and my DD is PLing. I still do the 4.0 pockets and night and use flip covers for outings, but at home we're in trainers.

I love my BGs and flips. My only complaints have ever been that I wish the snaps were off set (DD has thunder thighs) and the flaps on the flips were really skimpy and didn't hold anything in place at all.

If/when we have another baby - I'm really curious to try their Fitteds with Capri covers, some newborn simplex, and then probably will do fitteds until baby is walking, then just do an EC style thing where we do trainers at home all the time and only use covers or AIOs when we go out.

I would just hate to miss out on all the cute fluff bc I know things change quite often in cloth diaper world and baby #3 is at least 5 years off.
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