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Originally Posted by danigrace05

I wish. 30 more minutes then a long drive home. Luckily C is home so I'll be able to go right to bed, hopefully.
What are you up to today?


Originally Posted by Dayzee1081

breakfast with my parents, then they are leaving with dh and Dd to go on a train ride for the dayy. DS and I have church then home to relax and hang out.
We're skipping church today. We had a baby's first birthday to attend.. It'll be fun as those celebrations are huge here.

Originally Posted by msuk2girl
Just got an email that Nick made it to his hotel safe and sound! I was worried, he had to navigate the German train system without knowing a lick of German.
Glad he made it safe!

Originally Posted by msuk2girl
Any tips for getting B to pee in the potty? She'll hold it for 3-4 hours until she gets in a diaper again. She's sitting on the potty without fussing, but she doesn't respond to the water sound trick anymore.
I would make a shhh sound with E. Loves water play so flushing and washing hands was rewarding. An occasional m&m helped if he was being a punk

Originally Posted by qtytot
Almost 130am here. I'm off to bed. It was dark and rainy all day but we had to go out to get our week's groceries, veggie and fruits. I also checked out the summer clearance sale at the nearby baby store. I got dd 2 ruffled skirts for next year, 3 dresses and a yukata. We ate out for lunch and dinner. Lunch was as just gyudon but we had sushi for dinner. Dd loved gyudon but does not eat sushi so she had fries and sandwich.
We had japanese food for dinner too! I was naughty and also had an ice cream

Originally Posted by OrangeBananas
Almost done with the 2nd strap . I don't know how much knitting I will get done today, but it is nice to sit and knit a bit.
Great job!
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