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Originally Posted by stevensmom

yay for email shannon.

peeing in potty...I'd just get her a bunch of pottys and put around the house don't ask me about potty advise Steven learned when he was 3.5 (I had given up on him because NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING worked on him, he didn't respond to bribing, or shooting cheerios in the potty). Emily is showing no interest and again not forcing it on her. She will do it when she's ready.

Yes Fi...I must need more practice. We've talked about this before, but I'm legally blind if I don't have my contacts/glasses on. And if water is involved I'd like to see so no slipping and falling

great job on getting the strap done Savannah...with a bunch of kids it's hard to find time to yourself to get things done

sorry Mel about the yarn...I may be willing to part with mine

hopefully you are home and dani

Katie...have fun at church....I want a day riding trains
Ah I hear you. I was too until I got LASIK. It's now been almost 10 years without having to wear glasses.
We are a Military family that lives without limits!
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