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Re: How do you deal with twin jealousy?

Yep it happens, my girls are one month younger then your boys and they have always had the jealously factor. They push or kick the other one when in my lap, steal food and toys from each other and sometimes have a full on cat fight over something. My hubby being a child psychologist said to just let them work it out most of the time so we do. If they are fighting over an object I quietly go up to them and take it away while saying, "If we cannot take turns then this will go away for a while." As far as jealously over mama time I just try to make it as even as possible but make sure that whom ever is hurt gets me first. We say many phrases through out the day like, "soft hands", "inside voices", "play nice" and "what's wrong?". If it helps I have twin girl cousins who started out this way but by about age 5 they were best friends and played nicely.
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