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Re: anyone have experience with nursing while pregnant??

My DD was 16 months old when I got pregnant with my DS. I nursed her the whole time. I'm not sure how much (if any) milk I had towards the end though. It did start getting very uncomfortable the last few months of my pregnancy though (mainly when she would nurse before bedtime--the shorter times during the day weren't bad).

It was great to have DD still nursing when DS was born. My milk came in quickly, I never got engorged, and DS only lost 2 oz. I also think it helped a ton with avoiding much jealousy. DD did want to nurse pretty much every single time that DS nursed for a little while. That didn't last all that long though. It is also very uncomfortable for me to nurse both kids at the same time. I get this weird feeling like I want to jump out of my skin (hard to explain) so I nurse them at different times. Everyone has different experiences though and I am definitely glad that I continued nursing during my pregnancy and that I'm still nursing DD.

Just make sure that you're eating and drinking enough. Congrats!
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