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Re: Chat Thread ~ Sept 23-29

I've eyeballing my prenatal yoga DVD for a few weeks, feeling a little better today, might actually put it in!

OK, now I just need to rant a little about my day, lol.

Woke up with MAJOR hip pain. I've been having hip pain from laying down for weeks now. I can't believe it started this early in pregnancy... Today was the worst. It woke me up and I had to walk laps around the house just to ease it up. Anyone have any tips? I already sleep on a soft mattress w/ memory foam.

D spilled orange juice all over the couch. Right before I was about to take us to lunch. Had to bathe him. Was so starving by the time we were ready to go I was almost too sick to go eat.

Got to the restaurant. D spilled my iced tea all over the booth, the floor, and my pants. Ugh.

Ok. I'm done. Hope your day is going better!
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