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Re: KAL ~ Knit something FUN or New! Sept 23-29

Originally Posted by EskimoStitches View Post
my 5 year old has this maniacal laughter... omg, it's enough to make me want to go psycho when he really gets going. It's completely shrill and all over the place and I'm just like child, calm down. His normal laugh or giggle isn't like that but man, I never thought a kids laughter could :twitch: me like that.
Butch has a sinister laugh and look that goes with it. Then he does exactly what he shouldn't do.

Originally Posted by EskimoStitches View Post
So, hmm... can I ehost a party?

Erica, Karyn, Karen, Katie, Knotty Katie, Dani, Mattie, Anjuli and anyone I forgot... wanna come to my party?
I might come. Depends on what DH wants to order

Checking in for the day. It has been a long one. Butch didn't do bad sleeping in his bed. I went upstairs last night and put him in, and he didn't get out (by choice) after that. He did roll out twice, but slept through it so I just put him back in bed and let him go.

Today we went to church with the family then out to my granny's house. It was grandpa's birthday so we all got together so granny didn't spend it alone. Let that side of the family know I'm knocked up and they are all pretty excited. Butch didn't get a nap in so he's tired right now and crying. Hopefully that means he'll sleep well tonight too.

Need to get some work done for real job, then maybe knitting. Maybe not we'll see.
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