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Re: talk wooden playsets

We have a big set. The brand is "swing n slide" or "swing and slide" (can't remember). It came with the house, and the former owners oldest child was at least older teen. The set has seen better days, but it's in safely useable condition. It has a wooden ladder to a fort (no top) and a wavy slide. Then an arm with 2 swing positions. We currently have a regular swing and a bronco glider. It also has a section on the end for a rope toy but it's not really useable because of the design (the arm entends past the supports, and there is a center support beam from leg to leg, so the rope swing bangs into the center support beam. It's not a big enough arm extention to use it for anything else.

As the set is old, and #2 is due in the spring, we are thinking about getting a nice rainbow set. The sets at the hardware stores look cheap to me and use wood that is too small to really hold up long term IMHO. The rainbow set we really like is abotu 4 grand, and we would DEFINITELY have it professionally installed. They were running a special last yr for free installation if you bought the set, and hopefully that's an annaul thing. It was pretty $$ to have it installed.

The 4 grand one was taller, with big covered fort, ladder and rock climbing wall with a full sized tire swing underneath it. A 3 section swing beam, rope ladder (that's useable) and a couple other things I can't remember.
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