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Originally Posted by Chris10
Is egg production the only trait you are interested in? Some breeds are more docile than others, so if you want pets that you can interact with, you should consider that. Some are flighty, so unless you're going to keep them in a covered pen, that's something to think about as well. We ordered from Meyers most recently and they give a description of the different breeds that includes temperament, how many eggs they lay a week, whether they are flighty, size of hens, color of eggs, etc.
Well, I probably won't go for really aggressive birds (my mom got a mix, and when maybe half grown the more aggressive ones killed the smaller babies ). Other than that, we have to keep them covered (we have raccoons) and I don't trust my kids with them, so not too concerned. We will have limited space, and want the birds for eggs (although they will be my babies), so I guess egg production is at least at the top of my priorities for breeds.
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