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Re: Chat Thread ~ Sept 23-29

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
Today and yesterday my dh harvested the last major summer crop out of our garden. Then just before nap time we moved my sewing desk into our spare bedroom and moved the crib into our bedroom. I am feeling a bit superstitious setting it up so soon but I dont want to and physically cant move it all myself. At least I am working on my to do list!
We don't have the space to start things even if we wanted to. But I really don't plan on setting up anything until really late in the game.
I am hoping over xmas break to get DD's bedroom made in the basement and shift everyone around - moving Levi out of our room, and making room for this Babe. But that's all that would be done then.

Originally Posted by babyWmom View Post
but I barely wake up when they do at 7. I know, pathetic, but true.
Meh. Not pathetic I say! That could be because I always get up with my kids in the morning, lol. When I'm actually able to stay up past 8:30, I do a bunch of laundry and tidying after they're in bed... so I don't feel too terrible about sleeping in till they wake. Right now, though, sleeping from 8:30 till 7... that's a bit much!

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
does moving houses count as exercise?

I say yes. because my back hurts and I'm exhausted at the end of the day.
just another week and it'll be all over.
lol, I say yes, too!

Originally Posted by melilo View Post
OK, now I just need to rant a little about my day, lol.
Holy bad luck day, batman! Sorry about the troubles with the drinks!
Re: your hip - do you sleep with a pillow between your legs? (if you sleep on your side) this can really help with hip pain, though it certainly isn't a cure.
With my 3rd pregnancy I saw a chiropractor the whole way through, it was by far my most comfortable pregnancy. No hip pain, only slight discomfort in the very last weeks from things loosening.
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