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Interviewing for a VBAC...suggestions?

Hi! I have had 3 Vaginal births, then my 4th baby was a Csec (unnecessary in hindsight). Now I am pregnant with my 5th and have been seeing an OB who is supposedly Vbac supportive. But upon questioning them about it I have gotten some red flag answers about needing to induce before 41 wks with a vbac (especially since I have big babies), hospital requires constant monitoring therefore I can't get into the tub, etc... I am just forseeing that this will turn into a disastor with either a badly medicated vbac or a RCS.

There is a midwife practice on the other side of Denver who says they do Vbac water birth (constant monitoring, but waterproof) if you are low risk. It is at a hospital. I am going to tour and interview with them on Tues. I know to ask them about induction time frames(what will they push), is a hep lock required,

can you give me more suggestions on what to ask? I am about 13 wks along, so I am still early.

Oh, I have never had GD, but I do have over 9 pound babies...and I have never been allowed to go into labor on my own, always have been induced between 40-41 wks.

Thanks for any advice!
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