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Originally Posted by jjgammon
My only advice in regards to Paraguard is that I've heard it causes crazy heavy periods and cramping.

I can't even try it because I have a contact allergy to copper.
I had para guard twice and I had super regular periods and zero cramping. Before I was put in the pill to lessen my cramps because they were debilitating. I had Merina once and it was so horrible. The dr wouldn't give me paraguard because they were out she said and I had my Merina removed within 6 months. The first three months I was psycho and the last three I never stopped bleeding and cramping. Dr said it was cause of my age. Yes. Ironic that my "age" related symptoms stopped within a week of having my Merina removed. That dr is not only not my dr anymore but no longer an employee at the mtf because I was not the only person she treated like this.

Search on here there are tons of posts about the evils of Merina. If I were to do another bc for long term it would be paraguard hands down. For short term I use the Nuva Ring especially for after birth before af comes back but usually we use nfp because it works for us.
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