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Re: What features do you wish your house had?

While I love our house and the beautiful old details... I would change a lot! haha

Biggest thing: I'd love if it was all on one level. I always envisioned living in a house with a staircase and two stories. But that's overrated. We spend most of the day on the first floor of our house. It's hard going upstairs to go to the bathroom, do laundry (we have 2nd floor laundry), get ready, etc. with two little kids. Heck, even when I just had my son it was difficult. I would love if everything was easily accessible and on one floor.

I wish our floors weren't so creaky and squeaky! I looooove our old hardwood floors, they are beautiful and give our house so much character. But they have woken my son up too many times to count, and he's a difficult sleeper as it is. Very annoying.

I'd LOVE a playroom. So jealous of those with a nice big room JUST for the kids. We have a nice little play area and are fortunate to have a large living room, but I'd love a whole room that we could make super kid friendly.

A garage! And a finished basement.

And a backyard that was mostly flat, mostly grass, and with a nice privacy fence all around. We have an overly landscaped backyard with a ton of rocks. It looked all pretty when we bought the house (before we had kids), but it's kind of annoying with little kids. And takes way too much maintenance (especially when my husband sucks at keeping up with even the basics).
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