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Re: Farmin/Homesteading monthly chat...September.

Meagan- I was thinking that too, actually. In the summer we might be more talkative but when the cooler weather is coming and canning and other things start winding down it just doesn't seem like there is as much to talk about, imo. I changed the title for this chat thread.

We raised the last of our potatoes this weekend (FINALLY!). lol. Also, I found a pear tree covered in big, nice fruit (surprisingly not very "buggy") on the home farm and asked FIL if they were good and ok for canning and he said yes and told me to pick them if I wanted them. I'll have to make sure he gets a few jars. I picked all the lower ones and Dh finished picking them for me (I'm too short to reach a lot of them). This week I'm canning pears, small potatoes, making pickles, more applesauce and more salsa. I have more tests and labwork that needs done at the Dr', fun. Guessing I had a chemical pregnancy b/c now I'm bleeding before even starting meds. I have errands to run this week. A care package to set up and send for/to my sister, 8 hours away. Gosh do I ever miss her!! And Ds and I are going to check out fabric for my start of the sewing/making christmas presents season.

Tomatoes are completely done after today except maybe a few cherry ones that I might can whole. I might pick and pickle the green ones today because I hear they are good that way. I might have more apples to do next week but after this week my canning should be finished apart from that. We've been lucky and friends have been supplying seconds apples this year free of charge .

This fall, I hope to can soups (I make a big pot for supper then can whats left in gallon jars) and meats to have on hand for quick easy meals just in case Mama catches any bugs over the winter months. Dh likes me having things like this on hand, just in case. Hunting season is coming up so I'm hoping for some deermeat to can this fall. Last year we only got one each and mine was not the biggest deer I could have shot. It was the last day and I hadn't shot anything yet (we hold out on does until the last week of all seasons) so I just took a shot at a small doe and got her. Dh got a decent bodied 6 point. We eat deer meat atleast once a week and have been out of deer for the last 3-4 months now.

So today the list is as follows:

Errands this morning soon as I get off here and get Ds breakfast (Stop at Fabric shops, Big lots for more jars and some gallon ones, pick up dill weed at the grocery store, P.O...)
Make salsa (tomatoes are peeled and everything is ready...just need to toss it all in the pot to cook and jar it up)
Pick cherry and green tomatoes and can/pickle
Make pickles
Work on peeling and cooking down apples for applesauce
More baking for my boys

Hope you all have a good week!!
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