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Re: Veggie only meals

Originally Posted by Mama*Kim View Post
While we are not as strict, DH is on a fairly similar diet. For him, it's because he has high cholesterol and a fatty liver. The fatty liver causes some issues with processing sugars, particularly the ones in fruit. Anyway, just pointing this out because it may really be a dietary thing rather than preference or wanting to lose weight or something.
I was fairly sure it was a medical thing. I can't imagine anyone making an "all vegan but no fruit" diet choice on their own. So for your husband, is it fruit in the botanical sense? So no peppers, no eggplant, no tomato, no squash, no pumpkin, no okra? Or does it mean that he just can't eat the things that people typically think of when they think of fruits, like apples and oranges and pears? Is there a sugar cutoff? Or a list? Sorry for all of the questions. I'm just curious.
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