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Originally Posted by Just Ducky
I was fairly sure it was a medical thing. I can't imagine anyone making an "all vegan but no fruit" diet choice on their own. So for your husband, is it fruit in the botanical sense? So no peppers, no eggplant, no tomato, no squash, no pumpkin, no okra? Or does it mean that he just can't eat the things that people typically think of when they think of fruits, like apples and oranges and pears? Is there a sugar cutoff? Or a list? Sorry for all of the questions. I'm just curious.
His doctor said to limit fruits to 2-3 servings per week. That includes those that are botanically fruits. The primary goal is to minimize sugars, do we focus mostly on limiting sweeter fruits like pears, bananas, etc. We still use peppers and tomatoes in foods, but minimize the amount we use. I'll make a huge pot of soup and only use half a pepper now as opposed to a whole one, for example. I try to keep the glycemic index in mind as much a possible. That focuses on how quickly the sugars are digested. The slower, the better.
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