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Re: What is your favorite way to cook eggs?!

I like birds nests OR toad in the hole OR whatever YOU call 'em :-)

Cut a hole out of a piece of bread, butter both sides (or be lazy like me and just put the butter in the pan to melt).
Bread in pan, crack an egg in the hole. S&P, when the bottom is solid-ish flip, more S&P and a slice of cheese. Yumm. Great way to use up one or two odd slices of bread that aren't enough to give everyone a sammy or something.

I also like Eggs in Purgatory - some marinara or other red sauce simmering in a pan (should be kinda deep). Crack egg(s) into it carefully so that each egg "holds together." Spoon some sauce over the top, lid on. It's kind of like poaching the eggs in tomato sauce. Great with some buttered toast to sop up the sauce. This is a great way to use up leftover spaghetti sauce.
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