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Re: Name -- Brutal Honesty, ladies!

I love the name Emerson - but I love it for my 4 yr old niece or older kids because it is rarely used in that age group. I don't like the name for babies because it has became a commonly used name over the last couple years.

I am not a fan of Jewel and I really don't think it flows with Emerson.

I don't like needless 'y's stuck into first names like Emersyn or Wynter. It makes me feel like people didn't think the name was showy enough and are hunting for ways to spice it up.....well then just pick a more showy spicy name! It doesn't bother me when 'y's are shoved into middle names because middle names are just for extra show anyway. It's like when someone covers their family room couch with tons of throw pillows vs just using the extra throw pillows on the sitting room furniture. Why didn't they pick out a family room couch they liked without having to spice it up with pillows that just get in everyone's way? Ok....silly letter rant over

I really really really don't like Dawn, but Emerson Dawn flows better than Emerson Jewel.

I love names that offer built in alternatives so as a child matures they can go by whatever form of the name suites their preferences. Emerson gives you the choices of Eme & Emmy.

But, since you asked for the brutal truth, if I were you I would go back to the drawing board with all 3 of your daughters proposed names.
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