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Re: Name -- Brutal Honesty, ladies!

LOL... that gave me a good laugh while reading. (Not at you, just at your examples & descriptions, haha) I do like your logic, and appreciate your opinion.

We altered the spelling of our first daughters name because, to us, adding the "y" made it look more feminine. Then when our 2nd daughter came along, we decided we preferred the way it looked with a y, as well... and it's just stuck for us. So here we are again, loving the name Emerson but preferring it spelled "Emersyn" for a girl. Both because it looks more feminine to us and because it follows suit with our other 2 girls names.

At first, I wasn't sure that I liked Emersyn Jewel, either. But it has definitely grown on me and now I am in love with it. Oh, and I have wondered about how common the name is, or will become. Around here, it is not a common name at all. I've never met anyone named Emerson. However, I was surprised to hear Cameron Diaz's character on "What To Expect When Expecting" named her baby Emerson. So now I am betting it will become a pretty common name.

Anyhow... depending on what this little one has between his/her legs... we will have an Emersyn Jewel Diane or Emerson Micheal John.... both of which I am *finally* content with, LOL! AND since I am team green, I won't feel so guilty about referring to him or her by that name throughout the remainder of my pregnancy.
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Expecting Emersyn Jewel in March 2013!

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