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Re: Lil Shamrocks - Week of Sept 24

Hello ladies! I think this is my 1st time posting in the weekly chat thread. I always end up getting lost, LOL!

Another fall loving mama here! Perfect weather, the mixture of cool air and those who use wood burning stoves is the best smell ever, and the colors are gorgeous! If we could have spring & fall year round, I would be one happy mama, LOL!

Everything here is going so-so. I'm with hcokasil; 15 weeks tomorrow and the nausea FINALLY seems to be tapering off (though it's done this before, only to return with a vengeance..) but now my teeth are acting up. In a nut shell, they're awful, and I am absolutely, ridiculously terrified of the dentist.. so I've been putting off dental work for years. They always start hurting the worse when I am pregnant, so I was expecting this... just not quite so soon. I'm starting to think between the nausea, vomiting, exhasution, and teeth.. I won't be getting an "easy" period during this pregnancy. Waiting on the nurse to call me back now to tell me if there is anything other than Acetaminophen I can take (such as local pain relief, Orajel, etc) because it's not cutting it at all. BUT! Baby seems to be healthy, and for that I am thankful. I'm still not feeling any regular movement. There have been a few times I've felt a faint little nudge here & there but they're definitely subtle movements. Can't wait for the regular, constant kicks that Dh and the kids can feel, too. I listen to her/him with the doppler first thing every morning, and then again before bed (just a quick listen each time) and hearing the heartbeat is a sound that never gets old. Next appt. is a week from tomorrow... just a routine checkup, I believe. Then an u/s on the 2nd.. trying REALLY hard to stick to team green, but the pressure from everyone else including Dh now and the kiddos is making it REALLY difficult.

Hope everyone has a great week, ladies!
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