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Originally Posted by SugarBooger
(Not sure where in the forum to put this, feel free to move )

After hearing a testimony from a friend who took her kids off gluten and dairy and saw significant improvements in their sensory processing disorders and hyperactivity, I did some research (not very extensive) and learned that there is a lot of evidence that a healthy diet and eliminating certain foods can really help with a child's concentration, mood, ADHD, Autism, etc. Although I don't believe my children have any actual allergies, I was too lazy to do a proper "elimination diet" with my toddlers, so after some research, I decided to do the following with their diet:

Eliminate all dairy
Limit Gluten
Eliminate all food dyes
Limit processed food as much as possible (causing me to have to learn to make a lot of things from scratch -- good for the budget, but not my favorite thing. )
Buy as much organic as possible, especially the "dirty dozen"
Eat more fruit and vegetables (bought a juicer) and less meat
Eat a variety of nuts and grains. We are discovering pumpkin seeds, quinoa, flax seeds, etc. Fun!
Generally eat REAL food and as much raw as possible

I was just curious if any other mamas are on this journey too? I've only been doing it for about a month.

I have DEFINITELY noticed a HUGE difference in my own mood and energy levels. I feel fantastic, and I haven't even incorporated exercise yet. I had no idea eating healthy on a daily basis would change my life so much. I'm not sure if I've noticed a huge difference in the kids or if it's just my imagination. They are toddlers, after all. But I feel good that they are eating real food, because that's what our bodies were designed to eat to function optimally.

Curious if anyone has experience with this and HAS seen a change in their children?
Havent read any other comments.

My son is 4 and has sensory processing dysfunction and maybe ADHD. I keep hearing that these diet changes might help him but it all seems so freaking overwhelming!

I figure it couldn't hurt to try though, right?

What items do you make from scratch?
What are the "dirty dozen?"

If we cut out dairy my daughter would starve. Lol. Ok, no really. But she does have days where the only thing she'll consume is milk, cheese, and yogurt. I'm nervous about replacing those things and finding things that are nutritionally equivalent. I feel like cutting out everything all at once would be really intense.

That's just me processing. Probably not what you're looking for. ;-)
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