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Re: Infant Sleepers 9-12mo; /Maternity tank XL; Tutus

Tutus are pending, mamma. Sorry.

Yellow sleeper is $1.70

The two pink sleepers are $2.50 to ship. One is 6-9 months (thought it was 9 months), and the other is unlabeled but same body length and slightly larger in girth.

Maternity tank is $1.90

The sleeper next to the yellow one is a Ralph Lauren Polo, blue and white stripes, stripes are faded, and it does have a hole but it is in a "good" place. It is along the seam between the crotch snaps, so it doesn't really need repair. It won't get bigger because the snaps prevent that, and there should be enough fabric/diaper there so it's not drafty either. If I was worried about cold air getting through, I'd just do a couple stitches in a couple spots. The fabric itself is fine and not threadbare.
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