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Re: Anyone Else Keep Their Kids Off Dairy? Gluten? Food Dyes? Processed Foods? Etc?

Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon View Post
Havent read any other comments.

My son is 4 and has sensory processing dysfunction and maybe ADHD. I keep hearing that these diet changes might help him but it all seems so freaking overwhelming!

I figure it couldn't hurt to try though, right?

What items do you make from scratch?
What are the "dirty dozen?"

If we cut out dairy my daughter would starve. Lol. Ok, no really. But she does have days where the only thing she'll consume is milk, cheese, and yogurt. I'm nervous about replacing those things and finding things that are nutritionally equivalent. I feel like cutting out everything all at once would be really intense.

That's just me processing. Probably not what you're looking for. ;-)
I did a full elimination diet with my boys and it was really intense, there were even some fruits and vegetables they were not allowed to have for the two weeks we were on the diet. In their case it did absolutely nothing. My boys are older and easier to handle as far as eating goes. They didn't love it but we got through it. We used the most extreme version of the Feingold diet. We removed, dairy, gluten, all food dyes, artificial sweeteners (those are already banned in our house because I have epilepsy), artificial flavoring, corn, eggs, soy, peppers (this one was a bit odd), berries, grapes, almonds, HFCS, and a few other things I can't think of off the top of my head. It wasn't a huge change to our diet but a bit because we are actually more towards vegetarian with eggs, some dairy and some fish (once a week or less) in our normal diets. I found that my oldest who is high functioning PDD NOS, SPD and anxiety NOS, did react to dyes in his food so those have stayed out for him. My youngest did not seem to change at all so he went back to normal. It isn't like we eat a lot of food with dyes in it anyway, we eat mostly home made foods (it is really just some treats here and there). The next move may be to try to focus on foods with artificial flavorings.

If it is too daunting to totally flip your diet at the start my recommendation is to pick one item and remove just that and see if you notice a change. First start a behavior chart for your children and track for a couple of weeks so you have a good base line idea so you don't get a placebo effect. I would start with food coloring and high fructose corn syrup. It isn't necessary in any way for good health, is actually bad for you, and while it seems difficult to get out of your diet at first is actually quite easy once you get started. If you don't notice a difference after just getting those out you might try removing other chemicals and "artificial flavors". Then move on to eliminating actual foods like eggs, dairy or gluten.
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