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Re: Anyone Else Keep Their Kids Off Dairy? Gluten? Food Dyes? Processed Foods? Etc?

I don't know that eliminating dairy and gluten are necessarily the best idea if you don't specifically have to. Especially if it means still buying gluten-free breads/pastas/treats, or consuming lots of soy milk. If you stick with whole grains, gluten isn't bad for you if you don't have an intolerance. A slice of whole-grain bread with no additives isn't bad for you, and can provide some protein and fiber. The same can't be said for GF bread. Same with dairy. If you're drinking soy milk, consuming soy yogurt and eating soy cheese, you're really not upgrading.

I'm a committed vegetarian and believe whole-heartedly that it is the best diet in terms of health and the environment. That being said, I don't rely on fake meat products. Chick'n nuggets are a rare treat, so are veggie burgers. I eat humane dairy products; milk (in extreme moderation, like half a gallon a month), cheese and butter. I keep some almond milk around for cereal and cooking. No HFCS, no dyes other than sour patch kids (). Lots of rice, beans, quinoa and lentils for protein. I'm not perfect, because honestly, I love french fries and pizza and I'm going to have it on occasion.

Not to mention, relying on fake meat/dairy products rather than local and/or organic/humane dairy is much harder on the environment.

I love love love the film Food Matters, it's on Netflix. It's quite vegan-focused, but has some great information and isn't exclusive to people who add in moderate amounts of humane eggs/dairy or even those who add in small amounts of humanely farmed meat.
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